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Catching up with the Vodka Goats

Catching up with the Vodka goats

Dreamt and illustrated 8/4 2021, Title Vodka Goats

A man teaching me how to make vodka drinks. The cheaper vodka drink uses an Irish vodka with two horned goats on it and it is called Wildlife. The picture of the goats in the bottle is very pretty and captivating, the eyes of the goats have great details and look alive. The horns look more like in a gazelle or African goat. One of the goats has curled horns, the other has long and straight leaning backwards. They are in a meadow in the woods with warm golden sunshine. The picture looks like a portal that I would like to go into and explore.

Feeling after the dream: good, well rested, relaxed, enthusiastic for the day.

Experience in ordinary reality 9/5 2021 (exactly 1 month after the dream):

Driving with my family. Getting side tracked into the woods to find a good peeing spot. Randomly ending up in a farm with mini goats. 

I have lots of fun with these goats, hugging them, petting and giving them grass. As I look deep into the goats eyes I remember my dream and a wave of warm magical energy swipes over me inside. I AM IN THAT DREAM NOW! What Robert Moss has been teaching is true – in reality and not just poetically! This experience is mind-blowing and shakes me to the core in a very good way.

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