I invite you to discover your true potential, find personal meaning and access the happiness of self-love.

Online Courses

– Recover, heal and soothe your Inner Child.

– Quiet down your Inner Critic.

– Develop a healthy Adult Self.

Using art, meditation, music and movement we can communicate with parts of the psyche that are not reachable through spoken communication alone.

Inspired by:

– Jungian Archetypes

– 12 step programs

– Modern Shamanism

Guided Meditations

My life’s work is to offer a sane and balanced healing approach – combining Modern Western Medicine with Holistic practices.

Dreams and symbols

– Try A Holistic approach to Modern Psychiatry.

– Depth Psychology Therapy

– Complex Trauma Treatment

Healing happens in the heartfelt quiet spaces between thoughts and sentences. Here creativity sparks and we heal by relating to each other and connecting to our Higher Self. 

Release stuck energy and trauma with:

– Chakra Psychology

– Yoga

– Qigong

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What makes all the difference is to have someone by your side that has walked the narrow path of healing before you – and has both professional and personal knowledge about this muddy landscape.

Art Gallery

Heal through:

– Intuitive Painting

– Art Journaling

– Creative Writing

I live in Malmö, Sweden but work all over the world offering courses and workshops, physical and online.

– Healthy Interpersonal Communication

– Assertiveness Training

– Heart Centered Leadership

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I am a Medical Doctor, Psychotherapist under continuous supervision, Artist, Writer and Public Speaker from Sweden.

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If you wish to experience long lasting and deep healing it is necessary to dive into painful and forgotten parts of your soul history. Do grief and shadow work. It gets emotional and it is completely fine.

Sometimes a well trained professional is just not enough. We need to breathe out in the soothing feeling of being connected heart to heart and truly understood by another human. A trustworthy guide on this tricky road to Wholeness needs personal experience of the terrain, a well calibrated compass and an updated map. I only teach what I practice myself and offer my personal experience as hope and motivation for you to walk the Natural and Mysterious Path of Recovery & Wholeness.

I invite you to try out my guided meditations, arttherapy sessions, visualisations and clinical hypnosis sessions. You will get to discover hidden parts in your subconscious mind that will accelerate your healing.

Inspiration and offerings

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