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Dr Jessica Szelag Goralski

Jessica S. Goralski

Medical Doctor, Psychotherapist

Keep yourself stress free and your employees vibrant with professional support.

A Creative Solution to Stress, Anxiety and Burnout

  • Leadership workshops and speaking events

  • Assessment of your groups challenges and a individualised solution plan

  • Focus on creativity and active imagination as a tool to rewind and recharge your health holistically

  • Group and individual coaching

  • Interpersonal training

  • Health psychology, creativity, motivation and communication

  • Professional burnout prevention and early intervention for you and your employees

  • Getting back to work after prolonged absence plan

  • Business Psychology

  • Appearance analysis 

  • Sustainable working life solutions

  • Psychological assessment during recruitment for key work positions in your company


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    Creativity is the vibrant connection to your True Self!