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Seeing the future in dreams again!

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I dreamt the following dream on 13th of May 2021:

I am at a place that looks like Ale Stenar (Swedish Stonehenge) and I am trying to take a photo of the stones without people in it. It is annoying that people come into the frame all the time so I can’t get a clean shot.

I wrote down my dream in the morning and made an illustration. Then we went driving with the family to the north of our municipality to see an investment opportunity and take a walk in the woods. Ale Stenar are in the south.

We are relaxing and enjoying our afternoon drive as I suddenly yell at my husband: “Stop the car!”

I can’t believe my eyes as the same stones I saw in my dreams pop out on a field!

We stop and take photos. I feel happy that I got my clean shots after all!

Until I come home and realize there are kids or some men in the distance in almost all the photos…

Here is the grave field from my dream and reality (that I didn’t even know existed):ätteryd

Bumper sticker: Dreams do come true – literally.

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