Art Exhibition Konstrundan Skåne 2021 in Västerstad Art Gallery

Konst Galleri Skåne Art Gallery Sweden Skane Konstrundan

Opening times:

Friday 13-18
Saturday 11-14
Sunday 11-14
Monday 11-14

Gallery Västerstad opens its doors for the first time during the Art Round 2021!

In a beautiful half-timbered house dating from 1886, the artist, doctor and psychotherapist Jessica Szelag Goralski exhibits her art. Inspired by Jungian’s psychology, hypnosis, spirituality and own trans / meditation / drum trips. The exhibition is very personal and shows the symbols, landscapes and scenes that the artist has brought up from the unconscious by working with trance and deep meditation.

Gallery Västerstad is located in the countryside with miles of views of fields, grazing cows and horses. Weather permitting, it is cozy to bring a blanket and picnic.

Dr Jessica will offer a free guided meditation outside (if the weather permits) and guided art tours at 1pm every day. The maximum number of people per guided tour is 8. Free entrance. Children are welcome and can with advantage participate in the meditation.

Payment for art and coffee is made with Swish and cash.

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Dr Jessica Szelag Goralski is a licensed physician and psychotherapist with her private clinic in Malmö (Oxie) and online. Specialist psychotherapy degree from the Baltic Institute of Psychology in Gdansk 2011 in psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioural psychotherapy. Training in Jungian analysis. Specialist training in clinical hypnosis, visualization and image therapy. Additional specialization in psychotherapy for managers and companies. Psychotherapy training and supervision at Lund University in psychodynamic psychotherapy. Unites rational brain oriented knowledge with creative art making and bodywork to release and facilitate deeper healing from trauma and unresolved emotions.