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New Year recollection and greetings for 2021

I wish you a magical 2021!

May your dreams come true and give you and others joy.
 The past year has been turbulent for the world. Personally, I have had a very good year.

 It started with a trip to Thailand with my family just before Corona broke out. So glad we got to experience it!

 In March, I resigned from my permanent position as a Medical Doctor in public health care psychiatry. I took the big step of investing wholeheartedly in my own business that I have run since 2009, but only part time in the last years because of the job in the hospital that took up a lot of my time and energy. My values ​​and the reality I met at my job in the hospital were too far apart. Resigning in the middle of a corona crisis aroused a lot of fears about finances and security, which I had the opportunity to process and become even stronger. It felt absurd at times to resign from a secure job in a time where people get fired and their lives get ruined. But I decided not to compare myself to others and brave up to stand up for myself. I gave up the false security that old job was giving me and instead I got freedom and creativity. Now I can work with spiritual principles and do work I am truly proud of.

It has felt scary at times but so incredibly wonderful at the same time! And it worked out well! Even though it’s tough at times, I believe in what I do and rejoice in every little bit of progress. I am incredibly grateful to everyone who has supported me during this process and continues to support me. Thank you for buying my online courses, booking me as a lecturer for your workplace, buying art, following me on Facebook and Instagram (Jessica.Goralski) and booking sessions.

Without you, I would not have been able to share what I am passionate about with the world. You make my dream come true and the results are like rings on the water; more and more people dare to search for their authentic Self and stand up for their reality and their dreams. 
Dr Jessica Szelag Goralski

During the summer, my therapeutic work was expanded with a fantastic addition – the Icelandic horse Hera. She is much appreciated by all who have the opportunity to hug and whisper their secrets in her ear.

Icelandic horse Hera

Last autumn, I renovated my new workshop center and art gallery in the middle of the countryside in Skåne. If reality allows, I will open the gates for my annual exhibition during Konstrundan 2021 (an annual art celebration in Skåne, Sweden).

Dr Jessica Szelag Goralski Workshop center and Art Gallery

The winter consisted of creating material for upcoming online courses, inspiration, book reading and family life. I started a book circle around the book “Women who run with the wolves”. The demand was huge and the 100 free spots were filled after only a few days. I run an online-course with the same topic diving deep into the female archetype. It is in Swedish, but if you are interested in this topic please write to me. If there is enough interest I can create the same online-course in English.In December, my family and I made our annual Dream Map. It is an exercise in visualizing what you want to get / achieve / experience. I have been doing these every year since my teens and developed my own method. In the last 15 years, 90-100% of what I put into my Dream Map has happened. I think the efficiency depends on the process I use when I create my Dream Maps and many have requested to learn how to do it. I’m putting together an online course right now on how to create your own Dream Map using my method, so stay tuned!

See my current online courses
All love, health and happiness to you in the New Year! 
Let it be a developing and inspiring year filled with insights and personal development.

Kind regards
Dr Jessica Szelag Goralski 

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