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From a resting wheelchair to an almost ready ship

23/7 2021 Dream Report

Considering doing drugs and becoming a drug addict. Traveling over wet swamps wintertime/ late autumn.Sitting in a wheelchair on a square, lots of ppl, waiting for some delivery. I can walk but i decide to hide sitting in the wheelchair, rest there a bit without being seen.

Polish stores, going up to the second floor, at first glance it’s closed no lights on. Then I see one familiar store is open and I am looking at dresses, fabrics. I haven’t visited in at least a year. They don’t have bikinis anymore. The seller lady buys her things in USA and I look at a candle tray shaped like a ship. Soft blue and pink pastel colors. Place for many small candles. I try counting the candles and it is 6 or 7. The whole tray is soft and can be folded, sometimes solid plastic but mostly like flexible rubber and the candles fall out when you move it.

I tell the store lady that I’m a therapist and that the tray is to big for my waiting room. The boat reminds me of the shipwrecks from other dreams. As I talk to her I see her husband, the big therapist walk by and I feel a wish to impress him and I feel proud that I am a therapist.

I see that in one corner of the store is a place for a fortune teller/oracle lady with cards, crystal balls, etc.

Feeling after the dream: interested, excited, a feeling of getting ready to heal and to create. I got excited about the oracle corner and about saying that I’m a therapist.

Reality check, associations, own analysis: The ship as a symbol has come up multiple times now. The ship reminds me of the ships from my other two recent ship dreams, and also about my icelandic horse tray in the cottage. The store reminds me of the big outlets in Poland. I plan to go to Poland in september and might visit a store like that. I have a crystal ball like the one in the dream. The oracle corner reminds me of Häxans hus, I was there recently and plan to go to the witch market there on Sunday. The wheelchair makes me think of hiding in being a victim or “incapable” to do things, because I’m tiered but wont admit that I need some reset so I overdo it, kind of like ppl with hypochondria do. It can relate to my low self esteem in doing things that I realized yesterday is bogus, like the “inability” to organize a physical course in a nice hotel – I could be doing all that instead of finding excuses and saying I’m “not good at organizing”, it really is as simple as making a few phone calls/emails!

What do I want to know about the dream: the ship? Oracle corner?

How I can honor the dream/action plan: draw it, dream share.

Bumper sticker: You don’t have to get yourself unconscious to get som e rest.

Keywords: market square, wheelchair, store, Polish lady, fabrics, crystal ball, ship, tray, candles

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