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Whales in the Ocean Sky

20/7 2021 Dream Report

Forrest, beautiful nature, lake, jumping up on a ship.

Old cottage.

Speaking event, having anxiety and talking about it. Another man also having a presentation about anxiety. During his VR presentation whales and animals swim in the sky. He says himself he is surprised he put them in there. He has a big welding or VR helmet. It becomes clear as he speaks that anxiety is an adult child issue.

Feeling after the dream: I woke up with a panicked feeling that I’m late or I have missed something. But thinking about the dream itself was very soothing and calming.

Reality check, associations, own analysis: the welding helmet in New Amsterdam series episode about the prisoner fixing the hospital electricity. Recently whales have been brought up by members in my dream groups. We talked about the spiritual connection they establish sleeping upright and how their sounds are healing and a way to connect with the universe. I also recently read a news story about a lobster fisher being swallowed by a whale and then spat out intact. The dream makes me think of everything being a holographic projection, like a virtual reality dreamt by the Big Dreamer. 

What do I want to know about the dream: Whales in the sky?

How I can honor the dream/action plan: write it, draw it, share.

Other people’s analysis: yet to come…

Bumper sticker: Look up, it is beautiful up there and also there under!

Keywords: whale, helmet, virtual reality, ship, jumping, sky, ocean, blue, lake, cottage, anxiety, speaking/teaching, ACA

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