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Konst Galleri Skåne Art Gallery Sweden Skane Konstrundan
Konst Galleri Skåne Art Gallery Sweden Skane Konstrundan

In the middle of the scenic Skåne countryside is Västerstad, a small town between Hörby and Sjöbo. Between horse farms with fields to all directions as far as the eye can reach lies Art Gallery Västerstad, in a picturesque half-timbered house from 1904 and documented land history from 1886. A workplace and a gallery for art and exhibitions – but also an inspiring meeting place for music, poetry, meditation, intuitive creativity, courses and workshops.

Dr. Jessica paints according to her self-developed method for intuitive and visionary painting, which involves putting herself in a creative trans-like state of mind with music and meditation, before she wholeheartedly dives into the creative process. The symbols embedded in layers of acrylic paint and Mixed Media are common in dreams and myths. Elements of gold / silver leaves, rhinestones and semi-precious stones (amethysts, rock crystals, amber, etc.) turn the paintings into wall jewellery. All paintings can be used as tools for meditation and transforming inner journeys. Most often, the paintings have a story, myth, fairy tale or meditation attached to them.

Dr. Jessica offers a variety of courses and workshops in Intuitive Painting, Creativity, Personal Development, Qigong, Mindfulness, Stress Management, Sustainable Work, Communication and Leadership. She guides meditations and visualizations together with live music playing the Handpan, Sami drums and Crystal Singing Bowls, both online, in Galleri Västerstad and at her Doctors Office in Malmö. 


Galleri Västerstad

Västerstad 7134

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