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Why I paint


We live in a time where following your dreams and intuition is something rare. To live a life in harmony and make choices based just as much on the wisdom from the right as from the left brain is something that needs training and conscious choosing.

Intuitive painting has for me become a bridge and everyday exercise that connects the analytical brain activity with the intuitive feeling from the rest of my body.

With the constant onslaught of heartbreaking news and pressure from society, family and work, it’s easy to feel fearful and overwhelmed.

I get that. I feel it too.


This is exactly why it’s more important than ever to feed our souls a daily dose of uplifting stories, meaningful experiences, and creative inspiration. Everything that fills our hearts and inspires positive action is more than welcome!

I love to play with color, texture and create beauty, but what drives me to paint on a deeper level is all undeniable growth I experience from the creative process itself: Learning to let go, to trust, to think outside the box, to listen to my intuition, to be more courageous, to come up with new solutions to problems, and to embrace the mystery that lives inside me.

It is an approach to life that makes me feel more grounded, relaxed, connected to my inner wisdom, others and my ever shifting life experience moment by moment, one little brave decision after the next. In my creative aliveness and joy I hope to inspire others to think outside the box too, and pursue their creative longing and calling.

You don’t need to live secluded on a mountaintop or ashram to meditate and you don’t need to tear your entire life apart, leave your job and relationships to become a creative person. You don’t even need expensive art supplies and a studio to start, crayons on the kitchen table are just fine.

I started my creative adventure as a child following my mom to art studio classes in different painting styles. During my teenage years and young adult life I was into art journaling. In my late twenties I started to paint on bigger canvases. Around my thirties I decided to show and share my art to the world to spread the message of taking time to listen within and make choices based on both brain and intuition.

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