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Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog where I offer creative & beauty inspiration through words, images, videos, and the occasional audio bit too!


I’m very happy to be starting this website and blog in English after having a blog in Swedish since my teenage years. My Swedish and English content may wary a little since the English blog is directed to a wider international community while it is easier for me to write in Swedish which is my first language.

My name is Dr Jessica Szelag Goralski and a strong belief I want to share is that creativity is a healing journey of the soul. An important part of my own creative and personal development process has always been sharing with others through blogs and social media. For many years I have poured my passion for art and creativity into teaching professionally, supporting the healing arts in various ways,  and pursuing my own dreams as a medical doctor, psychotherapist, artist and writer. More and more wholeheartedly by committing to my friends and followers throughout the world and now starting a new website and Instagram account. I hope you will enjoy it and stay connected 🙂


Much Love

Dr Jessica Szelag Goralski


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