Online Session for International Clients


Online Depth Therapy

Do you sense that lost or unhealed aspects of you might be sabotaging your health, your work, your relationships, or blocking you from living a fulfilled life?

I offer a warm-hearted and mature self-parenting process that supports you to accept, express, regulate, make sense of and transform your painful emotions into powerful self-confidence.

I invite you into an online counselling space of gentle support, acceptance and safety. I look forward to connecting with you!



How to book an online session with me:

  1. Please contact me through my contact form to find a suitable time for both of us. We might live in opposite sides of the world and need to take into account the time difference. The usual waiting time for a session with me is less than two weeks.
  2. Buy this session.
  3. Send me a message with your Skype-name.
  4. I will video call you on our booked time.
  5. The session lasts 45 minutes.