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Odd Games – Finding guidance through colorful images in dreams

Corona had been a successful obstacle to start my physical groups and workshops. 1,5 years hade already passed since I had put my big plans on hold. I was feeling restless and my mind had been spinning to find some solution. But analyzing and rationally thinking was not doing me any good. It was in fact draining me and I would go off on mind spinns about the same topic and arrive nowhere, just slightly more frustrated than before. Talking to people sometimes helps, but it has to be the right people. The right people in this case turned out to be my dream community that reminded me that I could ask questions to be answered through a dream. As part of a good dream incubation practice I wrote down my intention in the evening:

“Give me guidance on what my soul is calling me to do. I ask for clarity about my vocation. Tell me in a fun and entertaining way.”

In the night I dreamt about fish and small dogs in flying balloons. The point of the game was to have your animal fly in the balloon and interact with other animals in the air. A very colorful and pretty game. The animals liked it and the dogs fell asleep from the soothing bumping in the air with a smile on their face. This sport/game/competition held place at the seaside fields where my horse lives.

Now, what conclusion could be made from a dream like this? 

To me it is obvious that I can’t take my “vocation” so seriously. To follow my bliss (a truthful statement already made a long time ago by Joseph Campbell) could mean that I will create fun colorful games that would make people interact with each other, amuse their Inner Child (small animals), and lift up the consciousness in a playful way. An image is worth a thousand words and a colorful dream like this one is much more helpful than a rational analysis of what to do. 

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