Bloom True e-course


3 days ago I joined an exciting art course online, learning Flora Bowleys process of intuitive painting. So far so good, having lots of fun with acrylic paint! Unusual for me to just commit to one medium since I use mixed media for my art. Now I feel like exploring, using lots of color and paint big! In this e-course we paint using many layers, I’m now on layer 2 & 3. Wonder how much of layer 1 will be showing when I’m done 🙂

layer 2&3 collage



Dr Jessica Szelag Goralski is a licensed physician and psychotherapist with her private clinic in Malmö (Oxie) and online. Specialist psychotherapy degree from the Baltic Institute of Psychology in Gdansk 2011 in psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioural psychotherapy. Training in Jungian analysis. Specialist training in clinical hypnosis, visualization and image therapy. Additional specialization in psychotherapy for managers and companies. Psychotherapy training and supervision at Lund University in psychodynamic psychotherapy. Unites rational brain oriented knowledge with creative art making and bodywork to release and facilitate deeper healing from trauma and unresolved emotions.