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About The Angels Painting


Angels, 2017.

Golden acrylics on canvas.

90 x 120 cm.

The Angels painting is based on a series of dreams and daydreaming visions I had during spring and summer 2017. The first layer was a scene with skyscrapers and a busy city life. Then I split the canvas in two diagonally and the first part of the painting showed people praying under palm trees and climbing a hill towards a God figure in pairs. The closest ones were wearing white long gowns. In the middle of the painting was a scene showing a marriage. On the other part of the painting the city scene became very turbulent and it showed people falling of the buildings, a black airplane, two black devil like figures ruling the whole scene and at the end ufo structures emerged. There were spiral like shapes and ladders leading up to the more serene half of the painting and some people were climbing them. I was very surprised by this overwhelming painting and named it Judgement Day. Even though I had worked on it for quite a while it didn’t feel complete and I let it rest for a few weeks. Eventually when I got back to it I had the urge to quiet it down and cover up pieces. Oval shapes and lotus flowers emerged together with two angels. If you look close you can still see the layers telling the story underneath what looks like stained glass and veil peek throughs.

This highly intuitive painting came to be in a time of great political turbulence in the world. Maybe my subconscious mind caught glimpses of possible scenarios where things could get really ugly. Then the negative energy got resolved – maybe by the two angels – and hopefully a brighter future awaits.


No, I never saw an angel,

but it is irrelevant whether I saw one or not.

I feel their presence around me.

– Paulo Coelho

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