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About the painting – Devotion


I started to work on the canvas in the winter of 2017, making marks, trying out different techniques, waiting for the painting to come forward. It wouldn’t so I put it away for a while and came back to it from time to time. But still it wouldn’t speak. I added more marks, covered up some, changed the color palate – still nothing. In the spring it started to clarify that it was a Buddha figure that was coming forward and I enhanced it with structure. During the spring I started my Qigong Trainer education and this sparked my creativity. I painted a few other paintings, mostly smaller in size and finished canvases that had been laying around for a while.

Qigong Workshop

My Qigong tribe
After a Qigong meditation in the summer 2017 I finally felt and saw with my imagination where the canvas was going. I finished the whole painting in just a few hours after it had clarified in my mind. What a reminder – some things can’t be pushed, they will emerge just when they are ready!


I chose to call it Devotion instead of Consistency as I originally intended; it is a powerful reminder of the spiritual realm where things happen according to their own (to us unknown) schedule.

Yangtorp interior

Devotion means love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person or activity. Synonyms are: loyalty, faithfulness, trueness, steadfastness, constancy, commitment, adherence, allegiance and dedication. All of them are good descriptions of what my painting is about.

In Yangtorp Sanctuary, my second home and school where I learn Qigong – is a huge Buddha statue laying on the ground. It is also waiting. It weighs a few tons and has been waiting to be put in its place to show its glory for a while now. When I told Annica in Yangtorp that I want to donate the money from Devotion to Yangtorp she smiled and happily stated that it is going to be the first donation to raise the Big Buddha Statue! She hadn’t seen the painting yet and didn’t even know it has a Buddha figure as its main figure.

Sometimes things need a little encouragement to happen, even if it’s the smallest gesture in a big project – so I donate the whole sum (1995 sek) from selling Devotion to raise the Big Buddha Statue. And I believe this special painting will find its owner at the exactly right time.

As long as the painting is for sale it can be seen at Yangtorp. If you feel that this story resonates with you please visit Yangtorp Qigong Sanctuary to see Devotion for yourself:)

Yangtorp by night


Tuning my Intuitiv Art with the Handpan instrument :)

I believe that everything that surrounds us has an impact. Colors, shapes, decoration items, buildings, nature, sounds – they all affect us. Some people are more sensitive than others and will feel low in certain places while being surrounded by positive messages and inspiring colors will be uplifting.

Of course there is no proof that infusing my paintings with intention, Qigong training, meditation, crystals and healing sounds will soak into the painting and be able to affect the viewer, but intuitively this feels good to me and that is why I chose to do it. It is lots of fun to! After all, we all need a little magic in our busy lives;)


Moon Priestess

Painting intuitively I don’t plan what to create. Using various meditative techniques I try emptying my mind so I can tap into my inner craving for colour, texture and flow. The images that come up often surprise me.

Moon Priestess Intuitive Process

In this case I really had no idea why this “Moon Priestess” appeared in my dreams and canvas. After googling “Moon Priestess” I came upon a Wikipedia article about Enheduanna, the High Priestess of the moon god Nanna in the Sumerian city-state of Ur, 23rd century BC. She created a collection of hymns known as the “Sumerian Temple Hymns” which makes her one of the earliest authors and poets known by name in world history. Can it be a coincidence that this painting came to me just as I started working on my second book? Being not only the earliest known poet in world history, but also one of the earliest women known to history, Enheduanna has received substantial attention in feminism.

I might be over-interpreting and looking for context where there is no correlation, but this daily dose of magic makes me feel happy, alive and curious. The sea of the collective unconscious is deep and full of mystery and there are still many white spots on the map of understanding our minds. Even though I have been involved in this kind of work since an early age I still find it a bit spooky as I merge in awe, trust and curiosity to observe the flow behind and beneath life in all its various forms and colors.

It took many bold strokes, keeping up with my dream journal and some late night meditation to create this painting.

Raw Moon Priestess Finnished close up

The Moon Priestess was my second intuitive painting on a large canvas – 100 cm x 100 cm – that I decided to show to the world (the first one was Compassion Meditation).