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About The “Two Buddhas” Painting

Two Buddhas-2

Two Buddhas, 2017.

Mixed media on canvas.

50 x 50 cm.

This beautiful vibrant turquoise painting consists of many layers of paint and structure. It inspires the viewer to reach beyond the mundane version of reality and see the beauty that comes from within. Rooted in Buddhist philosophy it inspires meditation and the type of self – development that is gentle and compassionate with one own’s flaws.


All major religious traditions 

carry basically the same message, 

that is love, compassion and 


the important thing is they should 

be part of our daily lives. 

– Dalai Lama


About The Painting “Planet Qi Mandala”

Planet Qi Mandala

Planet Qi Mandala, 2017.

Golden Acrylics, Gold leaf and Mixed Media on round canvas with 3 handmade hanging elements.

40 cm in diameter. Height of whole installation is 68 cm.

This painting shows the cosmic swirl of planets and stars coming to form, night giving birth to day and from that vegetation starts to flourish. The beauty of this process extends beyond the canvas (our universe) to other dimensions – symbolised by the hanging golden spheres.

I created this piece after some days of quiet meditation focusing on the space between the thoughts.

“Nothing is lost. . .Everything is transformed.” 

– Michael Ende


About The Painting “I Create My Universe”

I Create My Universe

I Create My Universe, 2017.

Golden acrylics on canvas.

100 x 100 cm.

I created the painting during my Qigong Trainer education at Yangtorp Qigong Sanctuary. It symbolically shows what Qigong means to me. How working with Qi “energy” can change you from inside resulting in a change of your entire world.

Our reactions, choices, perception, feelings and thoughts is highly influenced by our amount of energy. Everyone can benefit from Qigong and I definitely have during my years of ongoing practise of this ancient self-healing method.


“If you want to find the secrets of the universe,

think in terms of energy,

frequency and vibration.”

– Nikola Tesla


About The Painting “Freedom To Choose”

Freedom To Choose

Freedom To Choose, 2017.

Golden acrylics on canvas.

100 x 100 cm.

This painting shows two birds climbing the sky towards the sun that emanates strong rays that can even come off as fearful. Nevertheless the birds don’t let themselves get stopped but go on a straight trajectory towards the sun that in this painting symbolises Truth.

In the peek-throughs other dimensions can be seen. We can choose in every minute and every second who we choose to be; which thoughts to follow. We can stay true to our authentic self by not hiding from our emotions (even the difficult ones), but staying fully present in the Now – the only place where choice exists.

This painting was inspired by Eckhart Tolle’s teachings on the power of Now and on Pema Chödröns teachings on Shenpa.


“Fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth” 

– Pema Chödrön


About The Morning Star Painting

Morning Star 

Morning Star, 2017.

Golden acrylics on canvas.

100 x 100 cm.

This vivid intuitive painting contains a lot of the symbols that often emerge in my paintings – stars, pyramid shapes, scribble, the Dharma wheel and lotus flowers. I meditated on it for a while but it was my husband that interpreted it’s meaning in a way that resonated with me. This painting shows the birth of civilisation or the cradle of life. A new sparkling beginning, bursts of creative energy and hidden wisdom.


I will love the light 

for it shows me the way, 

yet I will endure the darkness 

because it shows me the stars. 

– Og Mandino


About The Hope Painting


Hope, 2017.

Golden acrylics and Mixed Media on canvas.

60 x 50 cm.

This highly symbolic painting should not be overanalysed but experienced first hand. Meditate on it during times when hope is needed and see what emerges from the layers of vibrant colors and symbols.

Just having it around you can bring a hopeful curiosity to your consciousness if you are open to receive some guidance from your innate inner wisdom.

Remember to stay true to your feelings. Monsters grow in the shadows. Bring light and stay in the presence of what seems difficult, take a close look at your inner monster. Observe its pointy ears and hairs growing out from its nose. If you just dare to stay and observe your monster might turn out to be quite cute and vulnerable.


“I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge. 

That myth is more potent than history. 

That dreams are more powerful than facts. 

That hope always triumphs over experience. 

That laughter is the only cure for grief. 

And I believe that love is stronger than death.” 

– Robert Fulghum


About The Embracing The Mystery Painting

Embracing The Mystery

Embracing The Mystery, 2017.

Golden acrylics and Mixed Media on canvas.

40 x 30 cm.

This small painting was created in a few days after I dove deeper into working with the mind and the different voices of our sub-personalities that we all possess. I revisited a practice I learned about seven years ago by Genpo Roshi called “Big Mind Big Heart” in which you let the different aspects of yourself present themselves so that you can understand them better and ultimately unify your whole Self. This process gives access to our innate wisdom, compassion with ourselves, openness of mind and ability to shift perspectives. It brings about a greater presence and empowerment. We learn to appreciate the wisdom within all of our many sub-selves, even ones we tend to dislike or disown, like fear and anger.

The painting shows a dimmed but partially illuminated landscape of the subconscious mind. Our inner sphere where mystery lives and that we can never fully understand, but by approaching it gently we become more alive and connected to ourselves and the way we perceive and live life.


“These mountains

that you are

carrying, you were

only supposed to


– Najwa Zebian


About The Depths Painting


Depths, 2017.

Golden acrylics and mixed-media on canvas.

40 x 30 cm.

This painting is inspired by the Taoist way of explaining how our universe was created. In the beginning of time the forces hanging in an empty great void of space and time were static. When they came together they created movement. When the opposing forces of Yin (darkness) and Yang (light) interact with each other movement is created and change can take place. From this eternal dance of energies arose the stars, moons, planets and eventually life.

This painting shows the intertwining layers of energies, ranging from  primitive streams of consciousness to it’s more sophisticated forms.


“The moon does not fight. It attacks no one. It does not worry. It does not try to crush others. It keeps to its course, but by its very nature, it gently influences. What other body could pull an entire ocean from shore to shore? The moon is faithful to its nature and its power is never diminished.”

– Ming-Dao Deng


About the painting – Devotion


I started to work on the canvas in the winter of 2017, making marks, trying out different techniques, waiting for the painting to come forward. It wouldn’t so I put it away for a while and came back to it from time to time. But still it wouldn’t speak. I added more marks, covered up some, changed the color palate – still nothing. In the spring it started to clarify that it was a Buddha figure that was coming forward and I enhanced it with structure. During the spring I started my Qigong Trainer education and this sparked my creativity. I painted a few other paintings, mostly smaller in size and finished canvases that had been laying around for a while.

Qigong Workshop

My Qigong tribe
After a Qigong meditation in the summer 2017 I finally felt and saw with my imagination where the canvas was going. I finished the whole painting in just a few hours after it had clarified in my mind. What a reminder – some things can’t be pushed, they will emerge just when they are ready!


I chose to call it Devotion instead of Consistency as I originally intended; it is a powerful reminder of the spiritual realm where things happen according to their own (to us unknown) schedule.

Yangtorp interior

Devotion means love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person or activity. Synonyms are: loyalty, faithfulness, trueness, steadfastness, constancy, commitment, adherence, allegiance and dedication. All of them are good descriptions of what my painting is about.

In Yangtorp Sanctuary, my second home and school where I learn Qigong – is a huge Buddha statue laying on the ground. It is also waiting. It weighs a few tons and has been waiting to be put in its place to show its glory for a while now. When I told Annica in Yangtorp that I want to donate the money from Devotion to Yangtorp she smiled and happily stated that it is going to be the first donation to raise the Big Buddha Statue! She hadn’t seen the painting yet and didn’t even know it has a Buddha figure as its main figure.

Sometimes things need a little encouragement to happen, even if it’s the smallest gesture in a big project – so I donate the whole sum (1995 sek) from selling Devotion to raise the Big Buddha Statue. And I believe this special painting will find its owner at the exactly right time.

As long as the painting is for sale it can be seen at Yangtorp. If you feel that this story resonates with you please visit Yangtorp Qigong Sanctuary to see Devotion for yourself:)

Yangtorp by night